How is a typical match?

Playing a game is possible simply by connecting your Tabutronic chess board to a PC or smartphone. By simply launching the software, you can play against electronic opponents such as chess engines or other humans on online gaming sites on your physical chessboard. Move your piece, and the board will detect your move and illuminate the squares where you move your opponent’s piece

What are the precautions for the maintenance of Tabutronic chessboards?

Cerno and Sentio chessboards are made of acrylic glass and do not require special maintenance.

Should it be necessary to clean the playing surface or remove dust, it is advisable to use soft anti-static or microfiber cloths or products specifically for acrylic glass. Never use alcohol or other solvent cleaners; they can damage or dull the surface.

Can I use any magnetic piece?

Yes with Sentio chessboard you can use any magnetic set. Cerno chessboards require its dedicated chipset