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Sentio is the innovative line of Tabutronic electronic chessboards with piece detecting technology. Thanks to a sophisticated magnetic detection system, the chessboard is able to precisely and quickly detect the position and movement of the pieces on the chessboard. The unique magnetic detection technology allows you to use any magnetic chess set, so you can buy your favorite magnetic wooden set or create your own. However, every Sentio chess board comes with a complete 32-piece magnetic chess set.

With a thickness of only 10mm and a state of art USB-C magnetic connection, the chessboard is made of synthetic glass and steel, and is available with a elegant walnut or macassar wood-look finish. The invisible LEDs, one per each square, will highlight the opponent’s move and provides indications during the game.

You can interface your Tabutronic Sentio chessboard to your computer and play online or offline. The open transmission protocol allows easy software interfacing to third party platforms to come.