Tabutronic BLE Module

The Tabutronic Bluetooth BLE module has been specifically designed to allow the interfacing of all Tabutronic chessboards, both Sentio, Cerno, and also all Certabo via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to the Chessconnect extension which allows you to play online on different devices.

The module is supported by PC, Mac, Unix and Android systems. Simply connect the chessboard cable into the module’s USB A port and a small power bank into the USB port using the convenient cable provided. The chessboard will be directly powered by the module, immediately ready for pairing and for playing online on and

The module is based on a powerful and fast Espressif ESP32-S3 chip and can be programmed with the popular Arduino Ide or ESP-IDF interface to allow for the greatest flexibility and interfacing customization. Finally, the module, housed in an elegant shell, has extremely compact dimensions of only 50x40x10mm and provided with velvet case.

Some third-party applications already support the new BLE connection and others will follow.

Package contents – Bluetooth module, usb-C power cable, and a soft and fluffy velvet pouch for storing and carrying the bluetooth module.

Weight 0,3 kg


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