Tabutronic Cerno 35mm Wood Special Edition Macassar look!


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Differences between Cerno and Sentio

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Cerno Wood 35 Special edition Macassar look  is a very thin electronic chessboard made of birch and refined with stylish steel screws with nice red copper color. The chessboard features dimensions 36cm x 36cm x 1,2cm with 35mm square. Made of entirely of birch comes complete with a set of 34 electronic chips to transform a traditional set of game into an electronic one.

The sophisticated electronic board is housed in a very thin shell of superb and very high strength solid  birch wood and assembled with nice red copper color steel inserts.The play area, then, is exquisitely printed with high-definition digital machines with a Macassar look and finished by hand. The superb wood print on birch wood support makes it a one-of-a-kind object.

With a total thickness of just 12mm (0,5″) the Tabutronic Cerno wood chessboard is piece of art. The LEDs, one per each square, will highlight the opponent’s move and provides indications during the game.

Thanks to the full piece recognition Certabo technology all Tabutronic Cerno chessboards are fully compatible with all range of Certabo accessories and software and third party softwares too.

Tabutronic Cerno is designed for those who want a compact size electronic chessboard with the state of the art of Certabo technology and with a competitive price. With its dimensions, in fact, it is ideal for stimulating full-immersion game sessions on a comfortable chessboard easy to carry around using set of pieces up to standard 2,75″.

The 2.75 ″ piece set shown in pictures is not included and not required but can be purchased separately.

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