Tabutronic Sentio 45mm look Walnut with wooden pieces!


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Differences between Cerno and Sentio

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Sentio Walnut 45 Wood is a very thin electronic chessboard made of synthetic glass and steel. The chessboard features dimensions 42cm x 42cm with 45mm square and comes with a 3.0″ wooden magnetic set (34 pieces including spare queens). The sophisticated electronic board is housed in a very thin synthetic glass shell finely printed with a Walnut wood look and assembled  with invisible  black steel inserts. With a total thickness of just 10mm (0,4″) the Tabutronic Sentio chessboard is piece of art.

Thanks to a sophisticated magnetic detection system, the chessboard is able to precisely and quickly detect the position and movement of the pieces on the chessboard and interface to chess software for online and offline games. The unique magnetic detection technology allows you to use any magnetic chess set, thus you can buy your favorite magnetic wooden set, create your own or even take one of our wood magnetic set. The invisible LEDs, one per each square, will highlight the opponent’s move and provides indications during the game.

Tabutronic Sentio is designed for those who want a medium size electronic chessboard with pieces detection and set of pieces, ready to play. Download the software and interface your Tabutronic Sentio chessboard to your computer and play online or offline. The open transmission protocol allows an easy software interfacing to third party platforms to come. Moreover you will be able to use most of the Certabo accessories. just by changing the microSD.

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